Trump steps down as President.

This is based on Astrology and other factors..I may be wrong but here goes.Saturn in Capricorn will bring Trump down along with Mars and Mercury Retrograde.Now here is the entire of July 15 2018

Mr.Trump will not finish his term. He will resign, perhaps before this year’s mid-term elections.

The pressure will begin with the opposition Democrats, of course, but will come to encompass steadily increasing numbers of Mr. Trump’s own party, appalled at the unending stream of fabrications spilling from his lips and spurting from his Twitter account; and aghast, as well, at the hash he has made of the executive branch and its responsibilities, domestic and global.

Fearful of their own prospects and their party’s, or the nation’s, or both, congressional Republicans and not a few GOP governors will leave Mr. Trump with little choice but to step aside in favor of Vice President Mike Pence. Key elements of his legislative agenda will have stalled, immobilized by their impracticality or intra-party resistance born of fiscal or political impossibilities. Try protecting Social Security and Medicare and raising defense spending and funding a trillion dollars of infrastructure improvements and reducing the deficit — while cutting taxes. And building that wall.

The president’s overseas counterparts, representing America’s most reliable allies, will openly express alarm at U.S. foreign policy, its incoherence. Scrutiny of such ties as may exist between Mr. Trump and some of his administration with Russia and China will intensify. Executive branch resignations will multiply, as will conflict-of-interest complaints. At some point, possibly, one or more of his tax returns will make its way into the popular domain, revealing what he always had intended to forever conceal.

The corporate community will be in polite rebellion, and the duped and the frightened of the electorate, those he had pledged to rescue from the icy globalism of Big Business, will have begun to catch on as inflation begins to catch fire. The Fed will respond as the Fed must, steadily raising the cost of borrowing. Those who had begged to be freed of the clutches of Obamacare will either protest the price of their health insurance or simply return to the Medicaid rolls, to the dismay of their governors.

A few Democrats will introduce the predictable impeachment resolutions, which probably will lack any basis in law but will squeeze an already anxious congressional majority.

The Republican leadership will first try closet persuasion, suggesting that the president has accomplished his mission to “make America great again” and could make it greater still should his unrivaled talents be applied in the private sector. The commercial world, they will assure him, aches for his return. Too, without him his children cannot hope to successfully manage the assets, the empire, he so artfully created from nothing save the art of the deal, at which, the emissaries will remind him, he is Rembrandt, Hopper and Picasso. The media — they will never give you a break, always lie, and you’re bigger than them. And Mrs. Trump — everyone knows she dislikes Washington, prefers their palatial Fifth Avenue digs to the aging White House, with its minions and their small — hands; and don’t we need to keep our wives happy, heh-heh?

If plays to his ego by the party’s legislative barons founder we can expect their junior colleagues to join the chorus, and publicly. As did their leaders, most of them preferred another candidate. All save a handful will have wearied of defending Mr. Trump, rationalizing him, explaining away, or trying to, what they once termed his eccentricities, his candor, his whatever.

By this time, as in 1974, when it became apparent to the Republican establishment and key interest groups that President Nixon could not survive Watergate, the Congress and the bureaucracy will be quietly laying the groundwork for succession. Word of it will reach Pence, whose silence will be tantamount to approval. As the tension mounts the president will bellow and roar, and Twitter, then retreat to his Manhattan aerie to ponder his options.

Mr. Trump will announce, finally, that his work in Washington is done, and that it was, at its core, boring, a challenge insufficient to his skills and ambitions. Victory is his, he will proclaim, won against a rigged system that tried but failed to frustrate him. Any other president’s humiliation will be Mr. Trump’s vindication.

One suspects the scenario already is unfolding among senior Republicans, whispered in the guise of mock-serious cocktail hour merriment. Its entertainment value will soon enough diminish.

So, as predictions go, outlandish? Improbable? Implausible? Impossible?

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